Start a series named 'revive world by CFD'

The current education system is challenged much more than ever before. Just plan to make an attempt to get myself involved using spare time. Any thoughts are welcome. The knowledge is also for myself.

Path from zero to CPR (to be modified as going on)

  1. Basic math
  2. Calculus (derivative, integral, etc…)
  3. Conservation Law (transportation equation)
  4. physics of fluids
  5. vector
  6. Euler
  7. Navier-Stokes
  8. Finite difference method in 1D->2D
  9. Finite volume method in 1D -> 2D
  10. Finite element method (CPR) in 1D -> 2D
  11. Shock capture
  12. Others (to be modified)

It should be noted

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